Whether you are a fire inspection business or the safety official responsible for ensuring your campus is up to date, Inspect Point is the perfect fire inspection software solution for you. 
NFPA Inspections on an iPad

Ditch the pen and paper. Our software doesn't even need a data plan to work for you! Complete inspections, add photos, type notes, input deficiencies, propose corrections and collect signatures all while in the field. Jump on the WiFi and sync when you're back in the office.

Generate Branded Inspection Reports

With the click of a button (yes, it's really only one button) you can generate professional inspection reports that include your company information, your logo and the information of the inspected building. 

Centrally Manage Your Inspections

Schedule and dispatch inspections for specific dates/times or on a recurring basis. Select the technician and assign the job. Receive real time updates from the field in order to keep track of what is happening day to day. Send and receive messages between the field, the office and your technicians. Take advantage of the features you need to run your inspection business. 

Create Service Proposals in the Field

Make those iPads work for you! Technicians can prepare, and present, proposals right after they document the deficiencies. They can also gather the approved signatures and send all of the paperwork for the service proposals electronically. Grow your revenue quickly by decreasing the amount of time it takes to complete all of the required  paperwork. 

sprinkler inspection software

The Best Way to Run Your Fire Inspection Business

Perform More Inspections. Win More Contracts. Grow Your Business. 

Keeping track of all of the buildings your technicians are inspecting is not easy to maintain. It can be a challenge to keep up with ever changing NFPA codes, too. Writing up inspection reports days (or a week later) can cost you clients who want modern, fast reporting. 

Inspect Point makes sure you don't have to worry about losing current clients to outdated pen and paper inspection reports. With Inspect Point the competition has to worry about you, and not the other way around. 

Paul Headshot.png
"We run our entire inspection business through Inspect Point. It saves us time, keeps us organized, and helps us land new business. We love Inspect Point!"
PAUL W. - Albany Fire Protection
Matt Headshot.png
"The Inspect Point team has been very responsive and attentive to our documentation needs with tremendous commitment to ensuring a successful transition. The on-boarding and training process was extremely helpful, far exceeding our expectations. The product is extremely user friendly and customer support excellent, making our transition stress free!"
MATT ACREE - Fire & Life Safety Manager - University of Virginia
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"We are delighted to have found such a high-quality service provider to partner in our success. It gives Heads Up Fire Sprinkler a competitive edge, and we have Inspect Point to thank for that."
VICTORIA MINICK - NFPA 25 Inspections Coordinator - Heads Up Fire Sprinkler